Shower Stalls

Shower Stalls

There has been a hot trend emerging over the past decade in regards to bathroom remodelling. Now, today's bathrooms have the look and feel of spa rooms with overall room sizes that are larger and decor that is more upscale. This means that the average bathroom makeover price has skyrocketed, especially when homeowners take space from adjoining closets and guests rooms or go so far as to add to their home's exterior wall in order to expand their bathroom space. Although most people are not going to pay $10,000-$20,000CAD for a bathroom remodel, everyone still wants their bathroom to look better, particularly if their future plans include putting their home on the market.

Shower Stalls Can Make a Big Difference

There is a lot one can do to make their bathroom appear as if it has been professionally decorated. One major component of a stylish bathroom is the shower stall. Shower stalls should never feel cramped or seem dark when showering inside of them. And the shower stalls' shower head is important too; many people prefer rain shower heads or put benches inside of their shower stalls for added luxury and comfort. Consumers have the choice of ready-to-install shower stalls or building ones using ceramic tile floors and walls. Or there is always the option of a bathtub/shower combo. Of course, workable space and budget constraints should be kept in mind when remodelling a bathroom. It is recommended that bathrooms should be decorated in light, airy colours as opposed to stark white or dark hues and do not forget about a place to store soap and shampoo in shower stalls. The end goal is to achieve an attractive, functional space that is attractive to guests and potential home buyers.

Shower Stall Units

When picking a shower stall, there are several kinds of units from which to choose, such as bathtub/shower combinations, surrounds that are built around an existing bathtub and pre-built glass or fibreglass units. Pre-made shower stalls can be rectangular, squared, semi-circular or circular in shape. Those who wish to build their own shower area with ceramic tiles installed on the floor and walls may want to use the services of a contractor. Remember, shower stalls need either a curtain or a framed or frameless door to keep water from spraying out. Do not forget to install high-efficiency shower heads in order to save on water consumption.

Curtains and Doors for Shower Stalls

In addition to the shower stall itself, the homeowner will need to have a curtain or a door to cover the entrance to the shower regardless of the overall decor scheme in the room. On a positive note, there are an endless array of options from which to choose in terms of shower curtains and doors. Those who plan to their own shower stall can purchase books that have step-by-step instructions on how to tile shower walls and install shower pans on the floor. With the right shower unit, a bathroom can be a pleasurable place in which to spend time.

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