1 Piece Shower Stalls

1 Piece Shower Stalls

Many homeowner choose to replace their bathtubs and shower stalls after changing the look of their bathroom fixtures in order for the entire room to "flow" because nothing looks worse than a mismatched bathroom. For those who want to replace their existing tiled shower stall, the process can be long due to the time-consuming process of tearing down the tiles. The prospect of retiling the area for a new shower is daunting enough to keep many people from redoing their shower area altogether. But installing a shower stall does not have to be as difficult as you think. There is a product on the market that can help facilitate the remodelling process and eliminate the need to retile. 1 piece shower stalls make it possible. 1 piece shower stalls are the best option for homeowner who cannot afford to hire a contractor to redo their bathroom because there is not a lot of skill involved in installing 1 piece shower stalls.

1 Piece Shower Stalls vs. Tiled Shower Stalls

One of the main aspects you have to understand in regards to 1 piece shower stalls is that these types of stalls are different from tiled shower stalls. Depending on the brand and model you choose to install, your shower stall will come as a single enclosure or one with wall panels. For example, wall panels are common for glass enclosures.

The Right Size Shower Stall Matters

Of course, it is essential to the installation process that the shower unit is able to fit through your bathroom door so be sure to measure. Keep in mind that while the package may be slightly flexible it will not bend a great deal so if there is a big difference between your bathroom door's width and the shower stall's with you will need to choose another stall. Most companies that manufacture 1 piece shower stalls offer customers a no-risk guarantee. These are the companies you should buy from if you need to take your shower stall back for a refund or exchange.

Wall Preparation

Although 1 piece shower stalls are designed in a way that takes the difficulty out of the installation process, you will still need to prep your bathroom walls, which means you will have to tear down the existing tile. While tearing down tile can be time-consuming, with some hammering and prying, you can have the task complete within a day. The tools you need to get the job done include a hammer, steel scraper, razor knife and some spare time.

1 Piece Shower Stalls for Shower/Bathtub Combos

If your bathroom has a shower/bathtub combo instead of a free-standing unit, there are still 1 piece shower stalls you can purchase. Whether you have a standard-size, garden or jacuzzi bathtub with a shower, you have the option of installing an enclosure around it. As stated earlier, be sure that you measure correctly so you will be able to get the piece into the room in order to install it.

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