Acrylic Shower Stalls

Acrylic Shower Stalls

If you are planning to transform the look of your bathroom, acrylic shower stalls are they way to go. These shower enclosures are definitely a step up from the plain shower curtains that tend to gather mildew after months of regular use. Acrylic shower stalls are known for their functionality, which is why they are common to see in modern homes.

After figuring out the new layout for your bathroom shower stall, you can go on the Internet and take a look at the many different types of enclosures available. With the dizzying array of options, you can make it seem as if your acrylic shower stall was made-to-order. Even the accessories for acrylic shower stalls are varied so you can have a completely unique look to your bathroom space. Although there are many other finishes from which to choose, acrylic shower stalls come with plenty of benefits.


The main purpose of acrylic shower stalls ia to prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor. Although they are highly functional, this does not mean that acrylic shower stalls cannot be stylish too. Of course, it is always best to use the services of a professional plumber to make sure that the shower stall remains watertight for years to come. However, be sure that whoever you hire comes with a lot of excellent references.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Since you have already made the decision to install a new shower stall, you will want one that is durable and easy to clean. Consider the fact that your shower door will be opened and closed at least twice per day depending on how many people live in your home. Acrylic shower stalls are the obvious choice because their durability allows them to stand the test of time. And these stalls are not only durable but also low maintenance. Keeping them clean is a simple and quick process.

Inexpensive and Lightweight

When one thinks about the design of acrylic shower stalls, they can safely describe them as shiny and bright. Because of acrylic's light reflecting properties, a bathroom with an acrylic shower stall will look highly fashionable. In addition to their stylish appearance, acrylic stalls are also inexpensive and lightweight, making them cheap and easy to install in comparison to tempered glass stalls. By putting in an acrylic stall, you will instantly add shower space, making it easier for you to move while showering. And as most people know, bumping against the wall in the shower can be quite frustrating and sometimes dangerous.

Increase a Home's Value

Most homeowners find that one of the most appealing benefits of acrylic shower stalls is that they add value to their home. If you are remodelling with the main purpose of increasing your home's value, the bathroom is one room where you should concentrate much of your efforts. And if you plan to sell your home in the future, rest assured that acrylic shower stalls will catch the eye of potential home buyers.

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