Bath Shower Stalls

Bath Shower Stalls

Bath shower combos are a mainstay in bathrooms all over Canada. However, a hot trend has taken this bathroom unit standard and put a new twist on it – steam bath shower stalls. While steam shower enclosures have long since been available on the market, steam bath shower stalls are a recent addition to the selection of modern bathroom units. With this type of bath shower combo, you can enjoy a bath or shower with the added benefit of steam. It is a commonly accepted school of thought that steam baths can be beneficial to people's health and they are certainly make for a relaxing and comfortable experience. Once manufacturers began producing steam bath shower stalls for residential homes, consumers began snapping them up left and right as they appealed to people with busy schedules who desperately wanted to find ways to unwind in the privacy of their own home.

Description of Steam Bath/Shower Combos

Bath shower stalls with steam invoke a spa-like experience. Steam bath/shower combos are a perfect mix of several highly desirable features besides the obvious appeal of having a regular shower fixture along with a bathtub and a steam unit. This unique bath/shower combo features an enclosure that is separated into two different sections with doors in the middle. Most steam bath shower stalls have sliding doors for extra entering and exiting convenience. The main components of these types of shower stalls include the shower generator and sauna heater.

Additional Features

One of the most exciting features of steam bath shower stalls is their ability to provide users with wet or dry heat. In addition, these bathtub/shower combinations perfectly blend the features of steam unit showers with those of whirlpool bathtubs. With this unique blend, one can enjoy hot steam that was once only available in sauna rooms along with the convenience of a shower and relaxation of a bathtub. Everything one could ask for in a showering and bathing experience is included in these units. As far as the whirlpool tub feature is concerned, there are many different colours, designs and sizes from which to choose. And it goes without saying that whirlpool bathtubs provide a certain soothing property of its own. There are also a variety of options when it comes to the shower heads. Rainmakers and massaging heads seem to be the two most popular choices among consumers, both of which add to the relaxing atmosphere of steam bath shower stalls.

Bath Shower Combos With Steam Have Decreased in Price

Because most plumbing unit manufacturers produce bath shower stalls, they are in constant competition to improve upon one another's models. Some of the latest features seen in these bathtub/shower combos are foot massagers, music connections with iPod docks and telephones. And because steam bath shower stalls have been on the residential market for awhile, they are not as costly as they used to be. The increasing desire of consumers to own one of these bathroom units has made finding them fairly easy.

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