Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom Shower Stalls

When shopping for bathroom shower stalls to put in your home, the most important detail to keep in mind is how much space you are allocating for the stall. For example, if you are replacing a bathtub/shower combo with a shower stall and a separate bathtub, you may not have a lot of space with which to work. This scenario will limit your options of bathroom shower stalls unless you are doing a complete bathroom remodel. If that is the case, you will have a wide array of bathroom shower stalls from which to choose because you will not have a predesignated space for the stall.

What to Buy

After you have made the decision to buy a new shower stall and have figured out how much space you have in which to put one, you can start shopping around for new bathroom shower stalls. Even though most people think they will be able to find all the parts they need in one store, it is more difficult than one may believe. While some retailers, like home improvement stores, sell standalone shower stall kits, there are other places that do not. If you cannot find a store that carries one of these kits in the style and size you want, you will have to buy the parts separately. In order to install a complete shower stall, you will probably need at the very least a shower head, a pan, a door and walls.

Where to Shop

The biggest selection of bathroom shower stalls can be found at chain home improvement stores. These stores, online and offline, carry a wide array of shower stall kits and individual parts. So whether you plan to buy a kit or put the stall together piece by piece, home improvement stores are the way to go. Another added bonus to home improvement stores is that they have excellent and varied displays of bathroom shower stalls. If you need some inspiration when choosing a style, it is recommended that you visit one of these retail stores; however, if you already know exactly what you want, you can get away with buying a shower stall online. But no matter if you shop online or in-store, consider buying a shower stall kit because these kits are not only easier to assemble and install but also cheaper to buy than separate parts.

Prices and Styles

A lot of homeowners tend to scope out the best looking shower stall. Even though everyone wants their home and the items in their home to look great, most people have to work within the confines of their budget. If you do not have much money to spend, rest assured that bathroom shower stalls are available in numerous shapes, sizes, styles and price ranges. Regardless if the appearance of the stall or the price of the stall is your main purchasing factor, it should be fairly easy to find what you want. The rock bottom price for bathroom shower stalls starts between $200-$300CAD.

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