Bathtub Shower Stalls

Bathtub Shower Stalls

The doors on bathtub shower stalls are integral parts of every bathroom's group of fixtures. These doors usually come equipped with accessories such as towel holders and bar handles that allow the user to open and shut the door while their hands are wet. Doors for bathtub shower stalls also help homeowners customize the look of their bathroom. This benefit is important when utilizing all of the available space because bathrooms are usually a home's smallest rooms. Enclosures for bathtub shower stalls are also a key feature as they save not only space but also money. These enclosures are less expensive than installing a brand new shower stall; however, you need to make several firm decisions before purchasing the enclosures.

Types of Doors

Start with the bathtub's shape. If the shape of your bathtub is octagonal or round, do not think that enclosures are out of the question. For these types of tubs, neo-angle shower enclosures are the ideal choice. Neo-angle bathtub shower stalls are similar to standard-shape stalls with the only difference being that neo-angle doors are angular in order for the door to face the room's centre. These doors are available in hinged, folding, bi-folding and sliding styles.

Regardless of the style you choose, each door is water tight and the folding and bi-folding styles allow the door to open inward, preventing water from dripping on the floor. The most commonly chosen type of door for bathtub shower stalls is the sliding variety. However, the bi-folding and folding doors are quickly gaining popularity because unlike bi-folding and folding doors, sliding doors only let people use half of their bathtub's width through which to enter and exit. Folding and bi-folding doors allow people to use the entire width if they so choose. Folding types of doors are available for small and wide openings.

Shopping for New Doors

Once you have finalized all of your purchasing decisions, you can now start shopping around for bathtub shower doors. Be sure to write down your bathtub's dimensions and take them with you while visiting home improvement stores. Remember, the majority of enclosures for bathtub shower stalls come in a standard size so it should be fairly easy to find the right size enclosure for you tub. But if your bathtub is not a standard size, you will need to buy custom doors for your bathtub shower stall. Although custom doors are more costly than their standard counterparts, the extra money is worth it in the end.

Shopping for Replacement Doors

If you only need to buy replacement doors for your bathtub shower stall, make sure they come equipped with all of the features you want. Many times, new doors for bathtub shower stalls are cheaper than replacement doors for bathtub shower stalls. The majority of these doors come with a track system so you may end up having to purchase an entire kit depending on your chosen style of doors. Whatever you pick, make sure you are certain of your choice.

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