Bathtubs and Shower Stalls

Bathtubs and Shower Stalls

Are you considering remodelling your bathroom? If so, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what kind of fittings and fixtures you will need and want. While virtually all bathrooms have a sink and a toilet, which are sure to be on your remodel list of must-haves, it is a lot trickier to decide between bathtubs and shower stalls, bathtub/shower combo or only a bathtub or a shower stall. Even though bathtubs and shower stalls both have positive features, there seem to be more benefits in regards to shower stalls. Once you find out what shower stalls can do for you, deciding to install one in your house will be a simple decision.

Bathtubs and Shower Stalls: Shower Stalls Increase Floor Space

If your bathroom lacks floor space, you can increase the area of space you have at your disposal by replacing your existing bathtub with a shower stall. Generally, bathtubs demand the use of more surface area as opposed to shower stalls so by choosing to install a shower stall, you will instantly increase the overall bathroom space and make the area much more roomy. Shower stalls are efficient at not only giving the appearance of spaciousness but also providing more room to add additional features such as a storage shelf or double sink.

Bathtubs and Shower Stalls: Temperature-Controlled Showers

There are many types of shower stalls on the market. One of the most popular and luxurious kinds are ones that change water temperature through the use of an electric thermostat. Regardless of whether you want an ice-cold shower after an afternoon jog or a warm shower on a frigid, winter day, you can select the ideal temperature for a customized showering experience.

Bathtubs and Shower Stalls: Shower Stalls Are More Hygienic

In the bathtub vs. shower stall competition, shower stalls win the hygiene category. When taking a bath in a bathtub, the water you sit in will become dirty after a short while. However, this is not an issue with shower stalls. When taking a shower, you can wash away dirt and grime, allowing it to instantly go down the drain.

Bathtubs and Shower Stalls: Shower Stalls Make for a Quicker Wash

Although you can linger in the shower if you need to relax, shower stalls also allow you to wash quickly. So if you are running late for work or have decided on a whim to meet up with your friends, you can get in and out of the shower with lightening speed. On the other hand, you have to wait for a bathtub to fill with a significant amount of water before you can use it. There is also another benefit to using shower stalls. Showering in a stall is a lot quicker than bathing in a tub so when you shower, you will consume less water than when you bathe. If you have a strong desire to lower your water bill and want to conserve environmental resources at the same time, shower stalls are the way to go.

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