Commercial Shower Stalls

Commercial Shower Stalls

Everyone wants privacy when using the facilities available in a bathroom; however, privacy is hard to get when using a public restroom. Thankfully for business owners, commercial shower stalls give customers the privacy they want. Commercial shower stalls come in a wide variety of designs in order to suit your business' needs while making your customers happy. Of course, the manner in which these shower stalls are constructed does vary. They can be mounted in different ways in order to keep the commercial shower stalls secure and safe. Possible mounting options include ceiling hung installation, floor installation, floor-to-ceiling installation and wall installation. Depending on the bathroom's design, one or more types of installation will work better than others. And privacy stalls are available in materials such as baked enamel, plastic laminate, solid phenolic core, solid plastic and stainless steel.

Ceiling Hung Installation

Ceiling-hung commercial shower stalls are ideal for spaces with low ceilings that do not clear over eight feet. Because ceiling-hung stalls do not connect to the floor, this kind of restroom stall is easy to maintain. In order to match a wide array of bathroom colour schemes, ceiling-hung shower stalls come in different colours. Plastic laminate stalls are recommended due to their corrosion-resistant properties.

Floor Installation

Floor installed commercial shower stalls are extremely convenient since they do not necessitate the use of floor-to-ceiling installation techniques. Unlike ceiling-hung stalls, these types of stalls are perfect for bathrooms with high ceilings and give the room an appearance of spaciousness. As far as finish choices for floor installed stalls, there are baked enamel, solid plastic, stainless steel, solid phenolic core and assortment of other finishes.

Out of all of the finishes, baked enamel is the least expensive and comes in quite a lot of colours. Solid phenolic core stalls are effective and resisting bacteria, humidity, oil and water and they are simple to maintain via hose-down cleaning, making this finish the number one choice for commercial shower stalls. The most strong material is stainless steel. The seamless panels of stainless steel can come in satin, chrome or textured finishes. In addition, these shower stalls do not create a gap between the pilasters and the door, which gives them a more upscale look as well as extra privacy.

Floor-to-Ceiling Installation

For spaces that require additional stability, floor-to-ceiling commercial shower stalls are a great choice. The choices for finishes in this type of stall installation include stainless steel in satin, chrome and textured finishes as well as baked enamel in virtually any colour. In terms of low maintenance and high durability, solid plastic commercial shower stalls are a good choice. Plastic stalls are commonly used in areas that experience a heavy level of use and vandalism such as in schools.

Wall Installation

Wall installation shower stalls are a typically used type of stall that gives users plenty of privacy. Stainless steel and baked enamel are both moisture and rust resistant. Other finish choices for these types of shower stalls include plastic laminate, solid phenolic and solid plastic.

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