Corner Shower Stalls

Corner Shower Stalls

Although corner showers look amazing, installing tile floors and walls in a corner unit can be quite the challenge. The greatest difficulty when tiling corner showers is that there is limited space in the shower, which means laying tile can be a laborious task. However, there is a greater option of tiles from which to choose because there is a certain flexibility in the two shower walls that extend from the corner of the room.

Making Corner Shower Stalls Appear Larger

Space-conscious corner shower stalls are a great idea when paired with corner sinks but they do not cover much space, meaning they appear relatively small. But by installing large tiles measuring approximately one-third of a metre wide, one can make corner shower stalls seem more spacious and regardless of the chosen materials, such as ceramic or slate, the installation will not be as time consuming as when using smaller tiles. Keep in mind that in order to prevent the tiles from cracking, a strong backer board is necessary; a backer board prevents cracking even when tiles are subject to a great deal of pressure. Even though large tiles are recommended, over-sized tiles are not a good idea to use because they interfere with the positioning and installation of the drain. Also, one can use a combination of small and large tiles in the same material and colour in order to give corner shower stalls a custom-made appearance. Clear glass walls are another way to open up the shower space as glass creates a widening effect.

A Note About Glass Blocks

The two extending walls in corner shower stalls provide the perfect opportunity for incorporating glass blocks into the decor scheme of a bathroom. Glass-block walls can be built from the corner at angle going outwards to form the shower's two walls. Decorators suggest using neutral-coloured tiles on the inside in conjunction with glass-block walls on the outside so the blocks will be the shower's focal point.

Tiles With Designs and Patterns

Those who want to incorporate designs and patterns in their corner shower stalls can certainly do so by installing mosaic-designed tiles on the showers' floor. These types of tiles come in a wide variety of designs and patterns such as landscapes, people and animals. In order to form the particular shape in which one wants the tiles to appear, simply take the pre-mounted tiles and cut through their mesh-backed sheets. Then hang the sections using thinly set mortar. Once the tiles are grouted and sealed, the work is done and the shower walls can be built.

Shopping for Tiles

The tiles chosen for corner shower stalls need to flawlessly coordinate with the overall theme of the bathroom. When buying tiles, it is important to measure the shower's floor space before purchasing. This measurement will tell the shopper how many tiles they need to buy. And getting this measurement beforehand will save one numerous trips to the hardware store as they will already know the exact amount of tiles needed.

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