Custom Shower Stalls

Custom Shower Stalls

If you have your heart set on a new shower stall and want your stall to look unique, custom shower stalls and bases are excellent options. The most popular types of bases for custom shower stalls are cultured marble, expanded/extruded polystyrene, mud set pans and solid surface Corian. While deciding what your options are is not the issue, figuring out which option is best for you can be hard. This guide will explain four different decision-making points that make choosing bases for custom shower stalls a snap.

Point One: Location Is Everything

Keep in mind that the physical location of the bathroom where custom shower stalls will be installed is crucial. For instance, if your bathroom remodel project will take place on your home's second story, this means there are stairs involved in transporting the pieces to where they need to go. A cultured marble unit or heavy solid surface may be too heavy to carry due to their massive weight. Additionally, the pans for these customs shower stalls may be too large to fit through the doorway. If you believe it to be impossible to fit one of these units through the bathroom door, consider extruded/expanded polystyrene or mud sets instead.

Point Two: Waterproof Bases

Figure out the importance of a totally waterproof base for your specific shower stall design. Extruded polystyrene and solid surface bases for custom shower stalls are factory built as a single assembly and are 100 percent waterproof. On the other hand, concrete bases must be made on site and their waterproof dependability is determined by the person making them. If you are considering using a concrete base, keep in mind that the price you will have to pay for a botched installation is having the enclosure system and base removed as well as repairing the sub-floor and water damage to rooms directly below the shower stall.

Point Three: The Role of Your Budget

The options incorporated in custom shower stalls always depends on the owners' budget. Although you may be tempted to choose an inexpensive shower stall base, which is the mud set pan, you will have major issues if the unit fails as explained in point two. Either ready-to-tile cultured marble or expanded polystyrene is a better choice because they are excellent waterproof barriers and are reasonably priced. The most expensive type of base is solid surface Corian.

Point Four: Finish With the Floor

The floor's finish is the last point to consider when installing custom shower stalls. First, decide if a tile floor or solid-surface floor is the look you are trying to achieve. Expanded and mud set bases are both good options to pair with tiled floors. If you are shying away from tile because you are not a fan of grout, use the high-performance urethane grout instead of the standard sanded grout because urethane grout comes premixed in buckets, is resistant to water and does not need to be resealed to maintain. But if you wish to have a solid-surface floor, go with cultured marble and Corian bases.

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