Free Standing Shower Stalls

Free Standing Shower Stalls

If you are tired of your ageing, outdated shower stall then it is definitely time to replace it with one of the newer, more modern free standing shower stalls available on the market. Of course, it will take a little while to choose from all of the options for free standing shower stalls. There are showers with only the fixtures and walls and those with all of that and doors too. If your main goal is to utilize the space in your bathroom to the best of your ability, free standing shower stalls are definitely a great choice. Many professional plumbers are currently recommending fibreglass shower stalls. These stalls are sold in kits that include the walls, pan and other necessary fixtures and pieces.

To begin, you need to figure out what type of free standing shower stall you want to put in your bathroom. Then determine your total budget so you can comparison shop among different retails stores in order to find the best possible deal. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can install your shower unit yourself; however, if you do not, hire the services of an experienced contractor. When hiring a contractor, be sure to get quotes from several different people to get a reasonable rate.

Why More People Are Choosing Fibreglass

In order to make the right choice for your bathroom, manufacturers have produced a wide variety of free standing shower stalls made of fibreglass. These shower stalls are lightweight and are not considered permanent bathroom units so they can be placed in other areas such as basement spaces. The leading models of free standing shower stalls have safety features such as solid grab bars and convenience features like built-in shelves and seats.

Fibreglass Shower Units Are Easier to Install

While acrylic is another material commonly used to construct free standing shower stalls, acrylic stalls weigh more than fibreglass ones, causing the acrylic variety to be more difficult to install. Fibreglass shower stalls can be installed with little hassle and are available in convenient kits. The only pieces one needs to purchase separately are the drains and water pipes. If you have made the choice to buy a fibreglass shower stall, visit your local home improvement store where a plumbing expert can help you select the right brand and model for your needs.

The Cost of Fibreglass Shower Stalls

The price of free standing shower stalls are dictated by their construction material, design, size and various other components. Even though prefabricated stalls are not very expensive, custom-made stalls cost considerably more. Fibreglass shower units tend to come at a lower price than acrylic units. But if you want to get a longer period of use from your shower stall, acrylic free standing shower stalls have the definite advantage. However, fibreglass is best if you are going for a clean, sophisticated look in your bathroom. Regardless of what material you choose, both fibreglass and acrylic stalls come in plain, corner and neo angle kits to further customize your bathroom's appearance.

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