Glass Shower Stalls

Glass Shower Stalls

There are several advantages to glass shower stalls and doors. First of all, the glass is watertight and tends to give off an elegant yet modern feel as well as allows a lot of light into to pass through the space inside of the shower. The doors of glass shower stalls are available in either true glass or the ever-popular plexiglass, which is a type of plastic. Glass shower doors also come in framed or frameless options; however, frameless doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their elegance and trendiness.

Door vs. No Door

Some homeowners choose to install glass shower stalls without doors because they prefer shower curtains instead of doors. Of course, this decision depends on the type of enclosure as well as the homeowner's personal preference. In general, glass shower stalls with doors appear more "put together" and professionally installed as opposed to stalls with shower curtains.

Glass vs. Plexiglass

A lot of people fear they will break glass shower stalls if the slip and fall against them. These people think that glass will easily break into small shards that will cut them. But this is not the case for modern glass. The majority of glass shower stalls and doors are constructed out of safety glass, which is designed not to break and in the event it does, the glass will break into large pieces that will not be sharp enough to cause harm. Of course, glass does have its drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest downside of glass in comparison to plexiglass and other similar materials is that glass is more pricey. In relation to plexiglass, real glass is 30-50 percent more expensive.

Frosted vs. Clear

When it comes to frosted versus clear glass shower stalls, the decision comes down to personal taste. Even so, there are a few points to consider. One must think about how much light will be able to enter the shower stall if frosted glass is used. If frosted glass blocks too much light, the shower stall will be dark and uninviting, making for a claustrophobic experience. Of course, if there is a light fixture directly above the stall, frosted glass will not pose a problem. But if the opposite is true, clear glass is definitely the best bet. For those who like to experiment, a frosted/clear glass combination is always a possibility. People who use this glass combination usually install frosted glass from the floor up to the average neck height and clear glass from the neck to the top of the shower stall.

Frameless vs. Framed

Most people know that glass shower stalls and doors come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes but not everyone is aware that there is a choice between frameless and framed doors. Those who choose frameless doors do so because they look more elegant and offer a few advantages such as being easier to keep clean. However, frameless doors cost more to purchase and install; there is a 40 percent price difference between frameless and framed doors

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