Handicapped Shower Stalls

Handicapped Shower Stalls

Independence is something that all disabled people want. No adults, their physical condition aside, like being in a position that requires someone else to care for them at all times and those who are confined to wheelchairs feel more strongly about this than able-bodied individuals. This reason is why a multitude of items are being made to help disabled people handle tasks without the assistance of others. One such item designed specifically with handicapped individuals in mind is the handicapped shower stall. Handicapped shower stalls allow people in wheelchairs or who have mobility problems to shower in private as opposed to needing someone else's help to assist them in and out of a standard shower stall. Not only do handicapped shower stalls let people enjoy independence but also regain the dignity so many people take for granted.

The Design of Handicapped Shower Stalls

Handicapped shower stalls allow those who sit in wheelchairs to roll in and out of the shower stall without any help. These showers are much different than their standard counterparts in terms of overall design. Some traditional come equipped with lips that are meant to prevent water from running out while other stalls are recessed into the actual floor. But wheelchair-accessible stalls have floors that are totally level with the surrounding bathroom floor in order to accommodate those who must roll in and out by allowing them to do so with ease. When looking inside of a handicapped stall, one will notice that the floor gradually slopes toward the shower drain so water can enter the drain and overflows will be prevented.

Typical Accessories

The interior of handicapped shower stalls are usually equipped with accessories such as shelves that are installed lower than those in standard stalls; this placement allows the user to reach their bath products with no assistance. In addition, the stall must have an anti-skid floor to prevent the chair wheels from sliding; this eliminates the need for someone to stay in the bathroom with them to make sure they do not have a dangerous accident.

Recommended Shower Entrances

Although glass shower doors are an attractive on shower stalls, handicapped shower stalls call for the use of curtains or bi-fold doors because these types of entrances give the individual more freedom of movement. Also, large doors take up a considerable amount of space and handicapped people need to have as much space as possible in order to manoeuvre inside of the stall. As most caregivers know, the more items a disabled person has to make their life easier and freer, the happier that person will be. And even though handicapped shower stalls are not the solution for every wheelchair-confined person, having a roll-in stall can be an added bonus if space allows for the installation of one. These shower stalls provide them with the opportunity to have the independence most people have and enjoy on a daily basis because handicapped shower stalls let them shower on their own and give them the dignity they deserve.

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