History Of Shower Stalls

History Of Shower Stalls

In the past, it was more common to have a bathtub than a shower unit. Over the past few decades, shower stalls have become more and more popular. A typical shower stall was built from the ground up using a variety of materials such as fibreglass and acrylic vinyl, and most shower stalls were equipped with simple shower curtains to keep water from spilling out into the rest of the bathroom area. Modern shower stalls now feature a broad range of styles and designs, with numerous prefabricated shower stalls also available for homeowners looking to exploit larger bathroom areas.

Types of shower stalls

You will find that there are numerous options available for shower stalls these days. I the past, a typical shower stall unit was installed by a home modeling company and featured a simple design. Modern shower stalls can be installed as part of a shower stall kit that is easy to install as part of a do-it-yourself project. More options for shower stall installation have drastically improved the stylistic tendencies of bathroom interior designs, and modern bathrooms tend to look a lot more visually appealing when there is a beautiful shower stall built into the corner. Different types of shower stalls commonly purchased include the following:

  • Corner shower stalls are built into the corner area of different bathrooms. They may be of the one piece or multiple piece variety. One piece shower stall corner units are typically built to exact size specifications while multiple piece shower stalls can be customized to fit a variety of bathroom sizes. Corner shower stalls typically feature the standard square shape.
  • Neo-angle corner showers make use of a 5-sided geometrical look designed to add a distinct contemporary feel to the interior design of your bathroom.
  • Round corner showers have one side built to fit squarely into the corner section, while the side facing the bathroom interior is rounded stylishly.
  • Framed shower stalls have a built in frame that supports glass doors and frames.
  • Frameless showers offer a more modern look, using the wall as substitute for frame.

Buying shower stalls

When it comes to purchasing a shower stall for your home, there are a variety of points to take into consideration. You may want to purchase fibreglass shower stall designs or acrylic vinyl designs exclusively, because these are more durable and easier to clean than many other shower models. As far as shower stall installation goes, a prefabricated shower stall is typically cheaper and easier to install than a tiled built-from-scratch shower model. However, it may be argued that style possibilities are more diverse with built in shower models, since there is only a limited range of prefabricated shower stall models available to homeowners.

It can take time to select the most appropriate shower stall, so it is advisable to spend some additional time researching shower stall models and getting up to date on different manufacturers. Shower stalls can be purchased from home remodeling stores both online and in your local area.


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