Home Shower Stalls

Home Shower Stalls

People who have never remodelled a bathroom think that picking home shower stalls will be an easy task. But that statement is furthest from the truth. Modern home shower stalls are available in many different sizes and shapes, all of which can be customized with impressive features in order to create a luxurious showering experience. Because of the numerous options, it is easy to become overwhelmed when making bathroom remodel decisions. But if you take a thorough approach by figuring out precisely what you want and then researching all of the home shower stalls that fit your requirements, the end result will be nothing short of amazing.

Standalone Showers vs. Bathtub/Shower Combos

Home shower stalls either come in the form of standalone showers or bathtub/shower combos. Determining the kind of shower stall you buy will depend on your budget and available size. If there is not much room in your bathroom for a shower unit, your best option will probably be a standalone shower. If you do have enough room and a strong desire for a place to take a bath, a bathtub/shower combo will best suit your purposes.

Prefabricated vs. Custom-Built

When it comes to shower stalls units, you have one of two options: prefabricated home shower stalls or custom-built stalls. In most cases, prefabricated stalls are suitable for those who want typical shower stalls in a circular or squared shape. On the other hand, custom-built shower stalls are the best choice for people who desire a designer look in their bathroom with plumbing fixtures and units that are made to precisely fit the space in which they are being installed.

Choosing the Material

The material of a shower stall speaks volumes about the owner's taste and can make or break the overall design of a bathroom. Regardless of the look you are trying to achieve, home shower stalls can be purchased in a huge assortment of materials. But the key aspect to keep in mind is choosing a material that is durable and waterproof. If you are going the prefabricated route, the majority of them come in fibreglass-reinforced acrylic, synthetic marble or plastic laminate. If you have decided on a custom-built shower stall, you have more options from which to choose such as ceramic tiles, granite, marble or stone. No matter what you decide, make sure the material you pick will give your bathroom a relaxing and stylish atmosphere.

Extra Features

There is one final aspect to consider when shopping for home shower stalls. Generally, shower stalls have soap dishes and grab bars but you may desire other features such as multiple shower heads and built-in benches. In regards to shower heads, there are countless options ranging from standard heads with one spray to luxurious rainwater heads. And there are tons of pressure choices and full-body heads. Shower heads also come in hand-held, stationary and position-adjustable varieties. In addition, there are other features you can incorporate in home shower stalls such as natural light, programmable temperatures, mp3 players, smart home technology and steam units.

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