Maax Shower Stalls

Maax Shower Stalls

Maax has been in the bathroom supply business for over 40 years and all lines of Maax shower stalls are known for their quality regardless of the individual product line's price points. Maax shower stalls are carefully crafted with attention to detail in order to give customers' bathrooms an upscale look with function to boot. In addition, Maax shower stalls are durable and available in huge selection of prices, sizes, shapes and styles in order to meet a wide customer base. The following are some of their most popular lines of Maax shower stalls.

The KDS Series from Maax Professional

Maax's KDS Series offers shower stalls in three different sizes – 48 x 34, 60 x 30 and 60 x 34. These Maax shower stalls have a pin system that allows for hassle-free installation. Because of these patented pins, KDS shower stalls are installed with a tight fit. As a matter of fact, these units are so easy to work with that they only require one person to install. Both the horizontal and vertical offsets of these Maax shower stalls are integrated into the design's seams in order to give the units the appearance of being a single piece. Customer who purchase KDS stalls enjoy such features as:

  • Corner shelves at the top of the stalls
  • Wide soap dishes that come with built-in drainage
  • Wood backers and grab bars for greater safety
  • Above-the-floor rough-in options for multiple plumbing installations.

Nuevo from Maax Professional

The Nuevo line is highly popular due to its walk-in shower stalls. The overall look of these Maax shower stalls is minimalist and modern. They are also extremely durable and come complete with a frameless acrylic base and glass enclosure, both of which are watertight. Customers with mobility issues or small children will appreciate these shower stalls' low threshold bases. Nuevo showers come in two sizes of 48 x 36 and 60 x 34 as well as wall-mounted, corner and alcove installation configurations. Those who purchase Nuevo by Maax shower stalls can choose from a wide variety of customizable options including:

  • A three-piece package or only the glass or base
  • An enclosed space or an open entrance
  • Acrylic storage space
  • Wooden shower grates
  • Towel hooks
  • Grab bars
  • An assortment of finishes and materials.

Jet Set II 3-Piece Shower from Maax Collection

The last of the Maax Shower Stalls on this list is the Jet Set II. This stall is known for its luxurious features such as steam baths, musical ambiance and body jets. The Jet Set II also comes equipped with Maax's IES, or Integrated Energizing System. Jet Set II shower stalls with IES include eight body jets that are completely adjustable in addition to a square-shaped Rainmax tropical rainmaker shower head, which is the gold-standard of massaging shower heads. Other product features include:

  • A built-in seat and shelving
  • Halogen lights
  • A roof cap
  • Several soap dishes
  • Sliding door with a centre opening and tempered glass.

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