Metal Shower Stalls

Metal Shower Stalls

While manufactures do make metal shower stalls, they are not the most popular shower stall option. Metal is much stronger and longer-lasting than shower stalls made from various other materials, which would lead one to believe that metal shower stalls are a great investment. However, the benefits of metal stalls end there. There are a slew of reasons that cause shoppers to look to other materials besides metal for their shower stalls. Before you decide to purchase a metal stall, take a look at why so many people are choosing other options.

The Disadvantages of Metal Shower Stalls

Because one cannot take a shower without using water, the constant use of water will eventually cause rust and corrosion on the stall. While most of this damage can be avoided by using a quality waterproof plastic paint, this is not a 100 percent effective fix. With time, the constant water contact will cause issues.

Also, metal does not suit most bathroom decor schemes very well unless the desired look is supposed to be modern and minimalist or even worse, cold and clinical, which is not a popular look among homeowners. Metal enclosures for shower stalls simply do not look sophisticated and timeless, especially if open and inviting is the look one is trying to achieve for their bathroom; this is usually the case.

In addition, metal shower stalls are expensive to buy, particularly when buying them on the Internet. The main reason for this is because metal is a heavy material to transport, meaning the buyer will be required to pay substantially more in shipping costs alone. Many times these stalls arrive by freight, which is a super-expensive shipping method.

Another reason that consumers shy away from metal shower stalls also revolves around their weight. Due to their heaviness, these stalls necessitate the use for a strong base as well as pricey installation techniques. It is not uncommon for the installer to bust the tiles that fit into the shower base in order to fashion an installation channel. This is not to say that no one should buy a metal shower stall. There is a way around this installation method.

An Alternative Installation Method

A different way to install metal shower stalls is by utilizing fibreglass to fit into existing walls as well as to make the channel needed to nail into the shower base. Fibreglass can be broken down into strips that can be fitted into the shower in any necessary manner; however, this is not possible with metal stalls because the metal cannot be broken in the same way. The look of the shower stall can remain congruous by disguising the material combination with matching colours of metal and fibreglass.

Regardless, shoppers should not limit themselves to the metal/fibreglass shower stall option. They should review all available choices of metal shower stalls; the Internet is an excellent resource tool. After doing some comparison shopping, homeowners will know whether or not metal shower stalls are the right decision for their bathrooms.

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