Neo Angle Shower Stalls

Neo Angle Shower Stalls

Virtually every home in Canada has a bathroom and all are equipped with either a shower stall or bathtub/shower combo. If your bathroom has a shower stall, consider installing a neo angle shower door. Doors for neo angle shower stalls are positioned parallel to the corner of a room and open towards the centre of the room. Doors for neo angle shower stalls are meant to be used in only free-standing showers so if you have a bathtub/shower combo, doors for neo angle shower stalls are not the right choice for you.


Plumbing-supply retailers offer a wide selection of doors for neo angle shower stalls from which you can choose. These doors come in frameless and framed designs. The hottest trend in neo angle shower doors are frameless doors with glass panels; these panels are sealed using a magnetic strip. Framed doors are other commonly seen types of doors; they have glass panels and aluminium frames that open and close in a folding or swinging fashion. Both frameless and framed doors have watertight seals to prevent water spillage. Some people opt for frosted glass to give them more privacy; however, clear glass models are available too.


Depending on what features come with the doors for neo angle shower stalls, the price ranges will vary. In general, doors for neo angle shower stalls cost more than straight angle doors that slide, fold or bi-fold. Other factors that will determine the price of these doors include the brand name, materials and size. The retails store where a particular door is available for sale will also affect the price. For instance, a door may be higher priced at one store while the same door sold at another store may be lower priced. This is why plumbing experts recommend that consumers comparison shop for their neo angle shower doors before purchasing them in order to get the best deal.

Replacements and Kits

If you already have a neo angle shower stall but simply need a replacement door, it is possible to find one. But keep in mind that most replacement doors are sold in the form of kits that come with fixtures as well as the stall and door themselves. If only the doors for neo angle shower stalls are what you need, your best bet is buying them straight from the manufacturer because the majority of retail stores do not carry replacements. However, replacement parts, like fixtures, faucets, hinges and magnetic strips, can be purchased at retail stores.

An Investment

Even though doors for neo angle shower stalls are more expensive, these types of doors are considered to be a great investment that can be recouped if you ever sell your home. Because bathrooms are among the smallest rooms in any house, it is only logical to utilize the space in your bathroom as best as you can. If your bathroom has a dated appearance, modernize it by using doors for neo angle shower stalls. These doors are easy investments.

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