One Piece Shower Stalls

One Piece Shower Stalls

One piece shower stalls are the answer for many homeowners. Whether they are interested in renovating their home, remodelling their bathroom or they own rental properties and do not want to deal with the task of tiling a bathroom, one piece shower stalls are definitely worth considering. These types of shower stalls are not expensive; however, they still manage to add an element of quality to any bathroom. Even though these stalls are not constructed from porcelain, stone or tile, they have certain characteristics that make them seem as if their owners put in a lot of money to install them. Even better, one does not need the services of a professional plumber to install them.

And if the homeowner desires, they can buy a low-end stall and make it look as if they spent more by installing high-end shower fixtures like polished chrome faucets and rain shower heads. When it comes down to it, it is not necessary to break your budget and monopolize your time installing these stalls. One piece shower stalls are not only inexpensive but also attractive and quick and convenient to install.

They Are Attractive

By utilizing the right shower fixtures, enclosures and doors, one piece shower stalls can transform a basic unit into a top-of-the-line unit. Of course, it is important to first measure the entrance to the home in which the shower stall will be as well as each interior door it must fit through in order to reach its designated bathroom. It is common for one piece shower stalls to not fit through doorways since these types of stalls are mainly designed new-home construction.

They Are Quick and Convenient to Install

Regardless if the homeowner wants a corner shower unit or a square unit and if they plan to add glass or side panels, it is possible to make a seemingly long task one that is quick and easy to complete. The beauty of installing one piece shower stalls is that instead of waiting quite a few hours for tile to dry, applying grout and waiting many more hours for the grout to dry, one can complete the installation and enjoy their shower all in the same day. In regards to one piece shower stalls, all that is needed is to measure for the plumbing, use the appropriate adhesive and put the shower stall into place. Take note that if planning to install a bathtub/shower unit, be prepared to reserve a little more time to install it and to get some assistance as an extra set of hands to do the job.

A Note About Shower Doors

If the chosen one piece shower stall does not include a door and a door is desired, simply purchase one at a home improvement store. But if the homeowner is replacing an old shower stall with a new one piece stall, they can utilize the existing door by buying a stall that fits the door's measurements. And if all else fails, use a shower curtain.

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