Plastic Shower Stalls

Plastic Shower Stalls

Whether you have a small or a large bathroom, plastic shower stalls are versatile enough to meet your showering needs. There are many brands of plastic shower stalls on the market, most of which can be bought at reasonable prices. Although some consumers are "put off" by the idea of plastic stalls, modern ones are made to fit a wide variety of decor schemes and fit in nicely in almost any bathroom space. Because there are numerous types of plastic shower stalls, it can be difficult trying to pick just one to put in your own bathroom. The average plastic stall costs anywhere from $200-$250CAD. Lower and higher priced models available depending on size, style, demand and several other factors.

Keeping Your Plastic Shower Stall Clean

The durability and affordability of plastic shower stalls is what makes these kinds of bathroom units a popular purchase among many consumers. While the plastic used to make these stalls is known for its clean, shiny appearance, daily showering can eventually cause dreaded soap scum, dirt and body oil buildup as well as hard water spots. It does not take long for a pristine looking plastic shower stall to become dirty, making it seem as if it has not been taken care of properly. However, plastic shower stalls can be cleaned to the point they look new by using a few simple household cleaning supplies.

The following are step-by-step instructions to keeping your plastic shower stall looking like new:

  • Mix two tablespoons of dish soap, one-fourth a cup of vinegar and two cups of water into an empty spray bottle
  • Spray the mixture onto the shower doors and let it sit for five seconds
  • Use a nylon sponge to scrub the residue off the doors
  • With a wet rag or the shower head, rinse the doors
  • Dry the doors off with a towel and do this after each shower in order to keep residue at bay.

Refinish Your Plastic Shower Stall

If you feel that new plastic shower stalls are out of your budget, there is a way you can refinish your existing plastic stall and restore its brilliance. Below are instructions on how to refinish a plastic shower stall:

  • After cleaning your shower stall using the above instructions, sand down the plastic using 120-grit sandpaper. Do so until the stall feels coarse. Afterwards, wipe the stall clean
  • Any part of the shower stall you do not wish to paint should be covered with painter's tape. Do not forget to cover the walls running adjacent to the shower stall
  • Using a paint roller, coat the stall with an acrylic latex primer. Smooth out the primer with a latex-specific paintbrush and allow the primer to dry for four hours
  • After rinsing your roller and brush, use appliance epoxy paint to coat the shower stall in the same manner as you did with primer. Give the epoxy paint eight hours to dry and then your shower will be ready for use and look better than ever.

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