Portable Shower Stalls

Portable Shower Stalls

Today's consumers have an endless choice of product selections available to them even in the case of portable camping showers. Modern portable shower stalls are easy to carry, very efficient and can produce hot water in a matter of seconds, which is why more and more campers take them along on trips. There are many factors to consider such as durability, output, portability and price. Besides the cost of portable shower stalls, the best way to determine the model of portable shower you need is by the camping trips on which you will be going.

Hiking Trips

If your camping trip involves hiking, you most certainly do not want to lug around a big, bulk propane tank while travelling through the woods or hiking up a mountain. Solar-powered portable shower stalls are the best choice for these types of camping trips. These portable showers are easy to use, light to carry and come in small packages that do not take up too much room in a backpack. However, one disadvantage of solar-powered portable shower stalls is that their sole power source is the sun so if the weather is cloudy, you may not be able to use your solar shower. But in terms of simplicity and portability, solar showers are number one.

Small-Group Camping Trips

If your camping trip will not revolve around hiking and you are planning on camping with a small group of friends or your family, you will need to choose from among more powerful portable showers. Propane portable shower stalls are also able to heat water within a few seconds. These shower stalls also come with water pumps that operate on battery power in order to provide strong pressure. Because propane shower stalls produce limitless hot water, you and everyone else will be able to use them to shower, wash dishes and anything else that calls for hot water.

Large-Group Camping Trips

Maybe you plan to go camping with a large amount of people. If so, you already know that you will need a great deal of hot water for the long lines of people needing to take showers as well as the big stack of dishes needing to be washed. This means you need a portable shower with mega power. Look for portable shower stalls with approximately 40,000 BTUs and water pumps with at least 12 volts of power. Some of these extra powerful portable shower stalls have hoses stretching up to 16-feet long.

Do Not Forget About Price

The primitive methods of bathing and showering in the wilderness are now a thing of the past. And while the amazing range of selections may be overwhelming, simply figure out what kind of camping trips you plan to take the most and purchase accordingly. After you have that major step figured out, you only need to determine your budget and pick a model of portable shower stalls that fits within it. Regardless of whether you buy a simple solar shower stall or an impressive propane one, you can enjoy hot showers in the great outdoors.

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