Prefab Shower Stalls

Prefab Shower Stalls

While corner shower stalls have their benefits, corner prefab shower stalls are even better. If you are thinking about installing a shower stall in a corner of your bathroom, prefabricated units are a great choice. Of course, you will need to make sure that the dimensions of the bathroom allow enough space for a prefab corner stall to fit without dominating the available floor space in the bathroom. Whatever unit you decide to purchase, be sure it is not to small or large – a perfect fit is a must.

The various types of prefab shower stalls and kits can be purchased at virtually any home improvement store. Prefabricated corner stalls are available in a handful of sizes, making it possible for homeowners to find a size for the smallest of bathrooms. Those who decide to purchase a prefab shower stall kit should take note that these kits include set-up directions, a list detailing the necessary materials and tools for installation and the prefab shower stall.

An Attractive Appearance

After you have narrowed down your choices of corner prefab shower stalls, inspect each one before making your final selection. Only buy a prefab shower stall that is manufactured by a brand-name company in order to guarantee quality and durability. Corner prefab shower stalls aer now the new standard for bathroom designs that require the best utilization of space. Even though these prefab stalls are ideal for space-challenged bathrooms, they look great in any size bathroom.

A Space Saver

To reiterate the above benefit, corner prefab shower stalls save space. This is why these shower units are marketed mainly for their utility. However, even the most spacious of bathrooms look more upscale when corner prefab shower stalls are installed. Although they are prefabricated, these shower stalls instantly give any bathroom a customized appearance.

An Easy-to-Install Unit

Corner prefab shower stalls are easy to install for even the most inexperienced handyman if they follow all directions "to the letter." By using standard supplies that can be bought at any hardware store and tools that are found in most households, one can complete the installation process on their own. Prefab shower stall kits are even easier to install as all the necessary parts are included in one package, which saves time one would otherwise spend shopping and assembling.

A Watertight Unit

Another positive feature of corner prefab shower stalls are they made to prevent leaks. And with a kit, it is unnecessary to reconfigure the bathroom's current design. Faucets, pipes and shower valves can remain exactly where they are because prefab shower stall kits are created in such a manner that they can easily adapt to the bathroom fixtures that are already in place. These kits also include holes for fitting a drain set and fixtures. As long as the installer lines up the holes meant for these fixtures, corner prefab shower stalls can be installed and ready to use in a matter of hours or less; it all depends on the shower stall's complexity.

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