Rona Shower Stalls

Rona Shower Stalls

Rona, Inc. is among Canada's largest retailer and distributor of home improvement supplies. With over 700 stores spread throughout the country, this company offers an impressive selection of Rona shower stalls from not only their own brand but other big names in the plumbing industry such as Maax, Ove, Uberhaus and Aciflex. Customers who are interest in purchasing Rona shower stalls can browse online or in one of their many stores.

Making Space for Rona Shower Stalls

If you have a shower/tub combo in your bathroom but have plenty of floor space left over, considering purchasing one of the Rona shower stalls available online or in stores. The trend for newly remodelled bathrooms are separate bath and shower units. If you need more space in order to add one of the Rona shower stalls on the market, you can expand existing walls in the bathroom such as taking away space from an adjoining closet or bedroom. However, if you simply wish to enclose your bathtub and add doors, Rona has a wide selection from which to choose.

Older bathrooms are known for not utilizing floor space in the best way. If this is your problem, you can always rearrange the location for the bathroom units in the room before purchasing Rona shower stalls. Of course, make sure to carefully plan the room's layout and take accurate measurements. These measurements can be put on graphing paper in order to visualize the layout. There are also design software programs that simplify the planning process.

Features to Keep in Mind

Think about how all elements in your bathroom will relate to each other. For example, showers that feature sliding doors or shower curtains save more space instead of a swinging shower door that takes up space when opened. Once you figure out how much space is at your disposal and the size of shower stall you need, you can begin shopping for Rona shower stalls. The latest shower stalls at Rona are available in wide array of selection ranging from slim models and corner stalls to standard and oversized units.

Shopping for Rona Shower Stalls

A lot of Rona shower stalls are sold in several pieces that must be assembled; however, the store does carry some one-piece models. Due to the company's sheer size, they are able to offer plenty of choices. Remember that Rona's current prefab shower stalls are more convenient than the models produced in the past 10-20 years and prefab shower kits usually include extras such as towel bars, shelves and soap dishes. If you plan on doing your shopping inside of one of Rona's store but you cannot seem to find exactly what you want, check out their online store where there are products not sold in stores. And if you choose not to purchase one of the company's shower stall kits, you will need to buy shower doors, walls, a head and a floor pan. Even with a kit, you may have to buy separate pieces such as a shower drain and pipes.

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