RV Shower Stalls

RV Shower Stalls

RV shower stalls are not known for being spacious. It is not uncommon to have to keep bath products outside of the shower stall because there is not enough room for them inside of the stall. This is why dispensers for RV shower stalls are a convenient accessory every RV owner should have.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dispenser

Most dispensers for RV shower stalls use silicone glue and double-sided tape, which is the easiest installation route. Some others utilize screws and wall anchors, which are more difficult to install. Plastic wall anchors that come with some of these dispensers but because the interior walls of an RV are hollow, the supplied anchors do not work well. Instead purchase butterfly anchors as they offer better mounting security.

The Most Popular Type of Dispenser

Integrated three-chamber dispensers for RV shower stalls are the most popular type of dispenser on the market. These dispensers can be mounted into a corner or on a flat wall. Considering the fact that the majority of RV shower stalls are space-challenged, corner mounting makes the most sense as it provides the user with the most space. However, triangular and corner shower stalls call for the dispenser to be installed below the shower head.

Preparing the Mounting Area

After deciding where and how to mount the dispenser for RV shower stalls, the area needs to be cleaned by using rubbing alcohol in order to remove soap film and dirt. However, oil-free nail polish remover should be used instead of rubbing alcohol if the surface is made of molded fibreglass to get rid of wax residue from the molding process.

Once the area is clean, make sure there is enough clearance to allow for the removal of the chambers when they need to be filled or cleaned. Take the chamber off its mounting bracket. Doing so will lighten the weight and pressure from the assembling, allowing the glue to dry without taking the chance of the dispenser falling off of the wall. Once the anchors are in place, this will no longer be an issue.

Installing the Dispenser

In this step, it is important to make a final decision about where the dispenser for RV shower stalls will go – on the corner or a flat wall. The location of the dispenser will dictate where the glue and double-sided tape is placed. After deciding, attach all four pieces of double-sided tape to the right corners on the dispenser bracket. In addition to the bracket's two sides, the glue must be spread in its rectangular area. The glue should be applied generously without overusing in order to keep the glue from spilling over the sides. In the even that it does, immediately wipe off the excess.

Firmly press the bracket against the corner or wall for several seconds. Give the glue 2-3 hours to dry before mounting the dispenser's chambers onto the bracket. Once the chambers have been mounted, they can be filled with the user's particular shampoo, conditioner and soap and will finally be ready to use.

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