Shower Curtains for Shower Stalls

Shower Curtains for Shower Stalls

Shower curtains for shower stalls are designed to prevent water from the inside of the shower from spilling outside of the shower. Most materials used to make shower curtains for shower stalls are chemically treated to increase their functionality and durability and mildew resistance. Besides their utility, shower curtains are excellent for creating a designer touch to any bathroom. While shower curtains for shower stalls are available in an array of patterns and colours, the standard size for shower curtains is 72 by 72 inches. However, extra wide or long curtains can be purchased for oversized shower stalls.

Fabric Curtains

If you prefer the feel of cloth, wool, silk, linen or cotton shower curtains are the best choice. These designer curtains can be found in a huge selection of styles, designs and colours. If you get tired of looking at the same curtain or you want to decorate for the holidays, shower curtains for shower stalls are easy to change. With the right curtain, you can tie into your bathroom's overall theme by matching the curtain with floor mats, towels, wastebaskets and other items. Remember that although fabric shower curtains are treated with water-repellant chemicals, you need to use a liner in order to protect the fabric curtain from direct water contact. Doing so will prolong your shower curtain's life.

Vinyl Curtains

The main benefit of vinyl curtains over fabric ones is that vinyl curtains are cheaper. Even so, vinyl is made from a chemical called Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic, or PVC, which has a distinct smell that is recognizable when opening a new vinyl curtain package. DEHP is one of the main ingredients in PVC. Some scientist believe DEHP to be a carcinogen and that vinyl raises a room's toxicity for at least 30 days. This is why many people opt for fabric shower curtains for shower stalls instead of vinyl.

Colours and Designs

Overall, shower curtains for shower stalls have a large influence on the look of your bathroom. This is why it is worth taking some time to consider what kind of shower curtain you want when planning the bathroom's design. Your choices are only limited by what your imagination can conjure because there are endless patterns and colours from which to choose. As long as you can appropriately match colours, you cannot mess up your curtain choice; however, if you need help, peruse some interior designer blogs and magazines.

Ultramodern shower curtains for shower stalls are the way to go if your bathroom design scheme calls for a unique curtain. This type of decor lets you put a personal yet trendy touch in your bathroom. If you get lucky, you might come across limited edition styles that will further customize your bathroom shower curtain choice. A lot of brand name manufacturers create bathroom decor packages that include window curtains, toiletry holders and shower curtains, making matching easy and convenient for consumers. Throw in a stylish towel rack and a few other touches and your bathroom will instantly be upgraded.

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