Shower Stalls and Kits

Shower Stalls and Kits

When it comes to upgrading or remodelling a bathroom, shower stalls and kits are one of the most frequently purchased items. Besides their inexpensive price, they are fairly easy to install. Today's shower stalls and kits are not the flimsy, cheap-looking products of yesteryear. Manufacturers have listened and responded to consumers' demands for better and more durable products, which is why shower stalls and kits have reached an entirely new level of durability, design and style while still remaining affordable.

The Components of Shower Stalls and Kits

Shower kits, also known as surround kits, are a set of prefabricated pieces that are essential for corner shower stalls. These prepackaged shower stalls include the important parts of any shower such as the stall, enclosures, door and base.

Shower enclosures are found in all shower stalls and kits. The enclosures are the sides, or walls, of a shower unit that jut out from the wall. The most common materials used for shower enclosures are plastic and safety glass. If the kit comes with a door, the frame or tracking system will connect to the enclosures.

The base, or tray as it sometimes called, is a pan that rest on the bottom of the shower and is installed on top of the bathroom floor. Fibreglass and acrylic are two widely used materials for making shower bases. In shower stalls and kits, the base comes with a pre-cut hole where the drain will be installed. Besides acting as the shower stall floor, shower bases are mean to keep dirt and water from penetrating underneath the floor and seeping from the stall.

The final component of shower stalls and kits are shower stalls, or surrounds. These surrounds are the area where the bathroom walls come into contact with the shower. Even though standard bathtub/shower combinations have tiled, painted or wallpapered walls, shower stalls and kits are usually a single piece, meaning that stall kits are not only easier to install and clean but also have a longer lifespan and experience less plumbing issues. Shower stalls that come in kits are pre-cut so they line up with the knobs, faucet and shower head.

The Installation and Availability of Shower Stall Kits

Shower stalls and kits are easier to find and install now more than ever thanks to today's plumbing innovations. As a matter of fact, even the average homeowner can install a shower stall kit as long as they follow the corresponding directions. Additionally, these surround kits are available in a multitude of appealing and eye-catching styles in order to suit the taste of almost everyone. Shower stall kits are functional and can be found virtually anywhere whether shopping in a brick-and-mortar store or on the Internet. While prefabricated units come at cheaper prices, you may want to purchase a custom-made stall to add a personal, unique touch to your bathroom. Every component needed to build a functional, attractive shower stall is included in one of these kits, making installation quick and easy.

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