Shower Stalls Toronto

Shower Stalls Toronto

When searching for reliable shower stalls Toronto contractors, use all the resources you can find, such as the Internet, customer recommendations and local licensing agencies. Be sure to contact the licensing bureau in your area to check the company or contractor's license number as all contractors must carry a special license. Once you have narrowed down the list of contractors to a select few, you must gather and assess their proposals.

Assessing Proposals

You need to give each shower stalls Toronto contractor the same project plans in order to fairly assess their proposals. Make sure each contractor's quote includes pricing for all materials, fixtures and labour as well as who is responsible for pulling permits and cleaning up the job site. Ensure that the proposed completion date and payment plan, if there is one, is detailed in each of their proposals.

Keep in mind that although low-priced bids seem great, they are not always the best choice. Look over each proposal carefully in order to figure out which shower stalls Toronto contractor is capable of providing the best service and using high quality materials as well as who has the most experience and qualifications.

Red-Flag Details

There are some aspects of a shower stalls Toronto contractor proposal of which you should be wary. A few red-flag details include:

  • Requests for large, upfront deposits to purchase materials. Reputable, established contractors in Toronto have charge accounts at their preferred supply houses
  • Accepts nothing but cash
  • Insists that the entire payment is made before starting the project
  • Vague details on a proposal. A proper bid form and contract clearly states all pertinent details regarding the work that is expected to be done, the materials used and other project particulars
  • Pressuring for quick decisions
  • Requests that you get the necessary permits without any help on their part
  • Contractors who give you only a P. O. box address as opposed to a physical address.

Finalizing the Deal

After you have followed the above advice and have come to a final decision, you need to seal the deal with your chosen shower stalls Toronto contractor. Set up a time to meet with the contractor, and your interior designer if you have one, in order to get the final drawing and a firm quote if there have been any revisions to the plan. This appointment is the best time to clear up any differences in opinions or answer any questions before signing a contract and starting your project.

When every detail has been agreed upon, you need to get all verbal agreements in writing. The contract you sign must be specific and detailed and you should always insist that all parties, you, the interior designer and the shower stalls Toronto contractor, sign the contract. If there is to be a payment arrangement, you are able to withhold up to 10 percent of the project's total cost for no later than 45 days after the project is complete as stated by Canada's Construction Lien Act.

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