Shower Stalls With Seats

Shower Stalls With Seats

Due to mobility problems, a lot of people have trouble trying to shower while standing. And because these people crave independence, they find that shower stalls with seats allow them to shower without the assistance of another. Other people simply find that shower stalls with seats that allow them to sit while showering make the experience more comfortable and luxurious. The seats in a shower stalls are made from water-repellant and water-resistant materials for durability's sake. There are a wide variety of shower stalls with seats in order to fit any size bathroom.

The Cost

In terms of shower stalls with seats, each person's preference is different. There are brands and models to suit every budget. The most inexpensive option are resin chairs. These chairs are perfect for those with health issues and they are also able to be moved around the shower. Retractable shower seats are not too expensive either; however, unlike resin seats, retractable seats must be installed by a professional. Permanent shower seats are the most expensive. While permanent seats cost more, they are the best choice for those who want unmovable seating in their shower stalls.

Resin Shower Chairs

Resin shower chairs are the most commonly used type of chair designs for showers. Shower stalls with seats made out of resin are sturdy and lightweight. These chairs resemble the look of regular straight back chairs and can be bought with arms or no arms depending on what the individual wants. These chairs also come equipped with specially designed feat that are meant to minimize sliding and slipping when being used inside shower stalls. The material of resin seats can be easily cleaned and because these seats are not heavy, users can move them in, out and around the stall with ease.

Retractable Shower Seats

Shower stalls with seats that are retractable come with hinged seats that can be directly attached to the bathtub enclosure or the shower wall. The majority of retractable shower stalls are constructed from hardwood that have been pretreated with a water-resistant coating. This type of seat is designed to swing down and lock when the individual needs to use it. After the user has finished showering, they simply put the shower seat back to its upright position. Retractable shower seats are more permanent than resin seats. The only downside to retractable seats is that unlike their resin seat counterparts, retractable seats cannot be moved.

Permanent Shower Seats

Permanent shower seats are the last option for those who want to install shower stalls with seats. Shower stalls with seats that are permanent are built out of ceramic and they are the most popular shower seating option. The majority of permanent shower seats are covered in ceramic tiles; however, some models are constructed from marble, granite or even materials that are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Another positive feature of these kinds of seats are that they are easy to clean by using standard bathroom cleaning products and they remain completely waterproof for many years.

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