Shower Stalls

Shower Stalls

There are a variety of situations where homeowners find it desirable to install an additional shower stall within the bathroom area. Some bathrooms may have ample space for the addition of a shower stall that is separate from the master bath, and many homeowners find that it is easy to make use of this space by purchasing and installing prefabricated shower stalls. There are a number of different shower stalls that could be built into a specific bathroom area, and learning more about the advantages of each type will help you to reach a decision.

Built in shower stalls

These shower stalls are the type that take longest to install. They are typically built by home modelling companies within your bathroom according to a design concept that you may have requested. Most built in shower stalls feature wall and floor tiling. They often have a variety of features that only more expensive prefabricated shower stalls have, such as shower railings, curtains, cloth hangers, and accessory storage. The advantages of built in shower stalls are that there are usually more designs available to choose from and the final result may look more stylish or luxurious than what you would come to expect from a typical prefabricated shower stall.

Prefabricated shower stalls

While prefabricated shower stalls were once considered to be a step below built in shower stalls, a variety of manufacturing improvements over the past few years has resulted in a big popularity increase. Prefabricated shower stalls are desirable to many homeowners because they are very easy to install and can even be installed as part of a DIY remodeling job. They are also quite inexpensive when compared to the typical built in models, and for this reason they are quite popular among homeowners on a tight budget. Other benefits of prefabricated shower stalls include:

  • A variety of designs that can be set up fairly easily in corner spaces of just about any bathroom area with the required size specifications.
  • A much lower price than what you would likely pay to a new shower stall modeled and built into your bathroom with additional tiling.
  • Very easy for home re-modelers to install themselves. The installation of a prefabricated shower stall can be completed in a much shorter time than the installation of a built-from-scratch unit.
  • Improved installation flexibility. If your floor has a tendency to flex, you will not have to worry about the prefabricated shower stall's shower pan cracking or leaking water.

Buying shower stalls

You can find an assorted range of prefabricated shower stalls sold at online retailers as well as local shower stores. If you are looking to have a shower unit built from scratch, then it might be necessary to contract a home modeling company to take care of the task on your behalf. However, with prefabricated shower stall units it is much easier to purchase and install a full shower stall set on your own time. Good shower stalls are available from multiple manufacturers, so reading reviews and comparing prices can help you to make an appropriate decision.


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