Small Shower Stalls

Small Shower Stalls

When remodelling small bathrooms, one needs small shower stalls. If you are thinking about putting in a shower/bathtub combo instead of stall, keep in mind that there are plenty of attractive, small shower stalls on the market today. Installing one of them is relatively easy one you measure the allotted space and figure out what size shower stall will best suit your needs. Selecting the perfect shower stall simply takes thoughtful planning and as long as you follow the advice outlined below, you can accomplish your bathroom remodelling goals with ease, especially when you have such a wide array of choices available to you.

Measuring the Space

First of all, the plans for a small bathroom should be drawn and finalized, particularly when doing a complete bathroom remodel. Be sure to correctly measure the space for the stall in order to choose the right one when shopping for small shower stalls. Also, take a look at all of the available shapes and styles from which to choose, such as hexagonal, rounded and squared small shower stalls.

Shapes and Styles

Usually, the designs for small shower stalls start at 24 x 24 inches. However, you will probably need, and have, more room with which to work. And of course, your budget should be in the forefront of your mind because some shower stalls can be on the pricey side. Once again, take a look at all of the available small stall designs in order to determine which shapes and styles you can afford.

Most people enjoy shopping for small shower stalls and consider it to be a fun endeavour; however, try your best not to snap up the first shower stall you see. By doing so, you will probably miss out on better deals elsewhere. Price comparison shop by going online and visiting various home improvement stores so you can see a variety of stalls at different price points. Be sure to think about the functionality of the stall itself. Can you enter and exit the stall with ease? If not, move on to the next shower stall display.

Shower/Bathtub Combo

While there are many advantages to small shower stalls, you may have your heart set on a shower/bathtub combo. If so, think about the space that is available in your bathroom and make sure to measure carefully. As stated earlier, if you may have trouble getting in and out of the shower/bathtub, this particular shower setup might not be the best option for you. Remember, there are small shower stalls one can step out of instead of having to step over.

If you can afford the luxury and have the space to spare, small shower stalls are a great addition to virtually any bathroom. These stalls can be installed in bathrooms with an existing bathtub. For example, a free-standing bathtub coupled with a small corner shower can not only improve the look of the bathroom but also give you more functionality, which will make your remodelling job much easier.

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