Tile Shower Stalls

Tile Shower Stalls

When teaching yourself how to tile shower stalls, there are a few points you need to think about. And keep in mind that while not impossible, most first-timers have difficulty tiling a shower without assistance; there is a lot of prep work involved in order to make sure the space will not leak.

Selecting Your Tile

The first step is to choose the tile you will use in your shower stall and you cannot skimp on quality when it comes to tile, especially when you tile shower stalls. This means taking a pass on the economy tile that costs $0.29CAD per square inch. Instead, you should opt for tile that costs more towards $10.00CAD per square inch. While that may seem expensive, it really is not because there is not much surface area to cover in a shower stall. Be sure you are completely satisfied with the tile you choose because changing your mind after you tile a stall will be not only a time consuming task but also an expensive one. Flooring experts recommend porcelain tile for shower stalls because they do not absorb as much moisture as ceramic tile.

Other Necessary Materials

A vapour barrier is necessary in order to tile shower stalls because tile is not completely waterproof. And if you put tile directly onto the wall and floor, you will have a huge mess on your hands in the near future. You must keep moisture from seeping into the wall and tile cannot prevent that alone.

In addition to a vapour barrier, cement backer board will be needed to tile shower stalls. The backer board will serve as a sturdy base where you will lay the tile. Once the tile is installed on the backer board, you will cut the pieces to fit to your measurements.

Thin-set, grout and grout sealer are also important materials needed to tile shower stalls. Once the thin-set is applied and the tiles are grouted, you will apply the grout sealer and allow it to dry. Be sure to collect all of the necessary materials beforehand so as not to delay your tiling project.

Preparing the Shower Space

If there is an existing shower in place, it is best to tear it down all the way to the studs. In order to tile shower stalls the correct way, start from scratch. And be sure that you have enough work space to get in and out of with ease.

Tools You Will Need

The final items you must have for your tiling project are the actual tools needed to get the job done. Experts recommend renting a wet saw, which you will use to cut the individual tile pieces to size. You will also need to buy a tool with which to cut your cement backer board. Buckets, spacers, towels and several additional items are also necessary for doing quality tile work. Even though the list of tools and materials seems long, your shower stall will not only look good but also be absent of any leaks.

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