Tiled Shower Stalls

Tiled Shower Stalls

If you have made the decision to tile your bathroom stall, there are a few aspects you need to consider before making any final design decisions regarding the design for your tiled shower stall. First, think about how big your shower stall is. If your bathroom is on the small side, it is best not to overwhelm the space with large tiles. Large tiles in a small area tend to make the space look smaller and put the balance of the entire are off kilter. When it comes to tiled shower stalls, spaciousness and balance are key. However, if your shower stall happens to be of the huge, walk-in variety, the last decision you want to make is to choose tiles that are too intricate and small; these tiles usually work best in small, standard-size stalls. Keeping the design of tiled shower stalls proportionate with the size of the entire bathroom is an excellent decorating rule to follow. If you need some tiled shower stalls inspiration, take a look at the following ideas.

Glass Tiled Showers

Lately, glass tiled shower stalls are starting to gain a lot of popularity. One of the most commonly seen glass tile designs is known as the "mosaic effect." The idea behind the mosaic effect is to take thousands of small, square glass tiles and place them in a random pattern using different hues of the same colour. Because glass tiles are usually made of recycled glass tiles, eco-activists are very fond of incorporating them into their bathrooms. Although the look of glass tiles is quite stunning, keep in mind that besides granite, glass shower tiles are the most expensive tile material on the market.

Granite Tiled Showers

Ever since the 1990s, granite became a popular type of material to use in new-home construction and remodels because of its ability to give any home a more sophisticated appearance. And design experts do not limit the use of granite to just tiled shower stalls. Granite is also seen in bathroom and kitchen counters as well as bathroom and kitchen floors and wall backdrops. When it comes to high-end luxury, granite is by far the material of choice. While granite tiled shower stalls are an upscale, beautiful choice for any bathroom, this luxury comes at an expensive price; granite is certainly the highest price material option for bathroom stalls.

Subway Tiled Showers

Retro designs always seems to make a comeback approximately every 10 years. And although they wax and wane in terms of popularity, subway tiles never completely go out of style. As a matter of fact, subway tiles have been the "it" style for tiled shower stalls over the past five years. If used in the right way, these tiles will look clean and seamless, giving the shower a "wow" effect. If you are on the fence regarding the use of subway tiles, keep in mind that of all the materials you can employ in your shower stall, these tiles are among the cheapest.

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