Tiny Shower Stalls

Tiny Shower Stalls

While bathtubs have many positive features, showers are usually used more often because of the convenience factor. Showers are economical, refreshing and most importantly, quick. If you have a small bathroom, your bathtub is probably taking up a lot of valuable space. This means you need to make the most use of what little space you have. This is where tiny shower stalls come into the equation.

Tossing the Bathtub

If you think you can live without it, toss your bathtub. Without a big, bulky tub in your bathroom, you will have more room for not only one of the many tiny shower stalls on the market but also to walk around the bathroom. But if you are planning to sell your house in the near future, throwing away your tub might not be the best option. Most home buyers want a fully equipped bathroom that includes a bathtub and a shower; bathrooms that lack a bathtub tend to decrease the overall value of the home. This leads to the next option.

Combining the Bathtub and Shower

Another option is to install a shower head over your bathtub and add either a shower curtain or install an enclosure with sliding doors. Doing so will not take away from the floor space; however, it will not give you more floor space like getting rid of the bathtub will.

Making the Bathroom a Wet Room

This option is reserved only for the most bold of homeowners because making a wet room out of a bathroom involves transforming the floor into an enormous shower base with a drain. Out of all of your options, this is certainly the most expensive; however, you can put the shower stall any place you choose.

Installing a Separate Shower Stall

A simpler and less expensive option for small bathrooms is installing one of the many varieties of tiny shower stalls while still keeping the bathtub. For small bathrooms, tiny shower stalls are best suited for a corner or adjacent to the bathtub, toilet or sink as long as there is enough floor space to fit one of these tiny shower stalls. However, the main issue with installing tiny shower stalls in small bathrooms is that it greatly reduces the available floor space. Since shower stalls come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, you should have no problem finding one small enough for your bathroom. While it may be a tight fit, having a small shower unit is better than not having one at all.

To make best use of the limited space in your bathroom, consider the entire room's design. If necessary, reduce the size of your toilet and sink by purchasing new fixtures. Picturing a bathroom redesign can be tricky so cut out square paper in various sizes; this will allow you to see all of your arrangement options. As far as the shape of the stall is concerned, curved quadrant stalls are the best space-saving tiny shower stalls for small bathrooms as opposed to rectangular or square stalls.

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