Tub Shower Stalls

Tub Shower Stalls

Installing a shower in a clawfoot bathtub gives the tub and the entire bathroom a fantastic visual appeal; it also adds suprising functionality to a beautiful piece. Because of the popularity of clawfoot tub shower stalls, nearly all plumbing fixture companies manufacture a wide array of kits for anyone who is interested in putting a shower into their tub. These kits come in almost any style and finish to complement the existing fixtures in virtually any bathroom space.

Packaged Kits vs. Individual Parts

If you are plumbing savvy and would rather not purchase a kit, you can always buy the individual parts needed for installing clawfoot tub shower stalls. Doing so also adds a customized look. Of course, fledgling do-it-yourself types should purchase a packaged kit with all the necessary parts. These kits can be put into three different categories; however, each kind of kit comes with the same kind of parts: a bathtub faucet, wall supports, a riser water pipe, a shower ring and a shower head.

Mounted Clawfoot Tub Shower Stalls

Mounted clawfoot tub shower stalls are the most installed type of faucet installations for clawfoot bathtubs. As suggested by the name, mounted stalls attach to the surrounding walls of the tub itself. Before ordering a mounted kit, you need to get the right measurements. The best way to do this is by using a ruler to measure from the right faucet opening's right side to the left faucet opening's right side. Standard mounted measurements are three and three-eighths inches. However, some mounted faucets measure 5-6 inches.

Rim or Deck Mounted Clawfoot Tub Shower Stalls

These types of shower stalls are installed on the tub's top edge. Most of the time, rim mounted clawfoot tub shower stalls are seen at the bathtub's end but occasionally, people install them on the bathtub's side. The specific names for these installation techniques are end mount faucets and side mount faucets respectively. When shopping for shower enclosures, you need to first determine what type of shower shower mount you plan to use because each type is connected in a different manner.

The biggest benefit to deck mounted clawfoot tub shower stalls is that the faucet will not jut out of the actual shower stall, allowing for more movement inside of the stall. Because clawfoot bathtubs are not know for being spacious, every extra inch is of the utmost importance.

Free-Standing Clawfoot Tub Shower Stalls

This last type of clawfoot bathtub shower stall is the least common out of all three on this list, which means they are also the most expensive on this list. Regardless, free-standing clawfoot tub shower stalls are excellent at showing off a finished bathroom. And similar to rim mounted shower stalls, free-standing stalls give users a little more space to manoeuvre inside of their clawfoot tub. If your bathtub does not have any holes currently drilled into the body, you should go ahead and take a look at all the available models in this style of shower stall. They are all quite impressive.

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