Types Of Shower Stalls

Types Of Shower Stalls

With the broad range of shower stalls that can be easily purchased and installed within larger bathroom spaces, it can be helpful to learn more about the different types available. Perhaps you have a specific interior design theme in mind and would like to see the shower stall you purchase reflect those preferences in style. It certainly is possible that you will find an attractive shower stall that will blend in well with the interior decor you have chosen for your bathroom, but it might take some time to find the right one.

Corner shower stalls

Corner shower stalls are among the most popular types of shower stalls, and most ordinary households have one. They can be installed neatly into the corner and tend to have a square shape. Corner shower stalls can be framed or frameless, but it is more common for them to be framed. Framed shower stalls keep water within the confines of the shower stall more effectively than frameless shower stalls at times, but frameless shower stalls are sometimes considered to be more aesthetically appealing.

Neo-angle shower stalls

These shower stalls employ a geometric design with five sides, while the side of the shower stall facing the corner is squared up so that it can fit into the corner properly. Some neo-angle shower stalls can fit in the side of the bathroom and not just in the corner, adding a distinct touch of contemporary style that is not commonly seen in shower stall design. Most neo-angle showers are quite luxurious and may have a variety of additional features.

Circular shower stalls

Like neo-angle and square shower stalls, circular shower stalls can fit into corners with a square side or into the side of the bathroom wall flatly. The outer section of the shower (the part that contains the shower entrance) has a circular design.

Shower stall styles

Shower stalls can be made with a variety of materials. In most cases, the shower pan is made from either acrylic vinyl or fibreglass. The frames or dividers can be made from plastic or glass and are often semi-transparent. However, some shower stalls may have opaque frames or dividing doors. Stylized showers are also available in a range of more expensive materials, so there really are a lot of options available. Those willing to invest more money in their shower stalls can easily end up with some luxurious designs.

Good manufacturers of shower stalls

Shower stall manufacturers are located throughout the US and Canada and can be shipped to either country interchangeably. Some good Canadian manufacturers of shower stalls are Altrek and Glass World. A quick look through any Home Depot should land you with multiple shower stall choices from manufacturers like Mirolin, Kohler, and Keystone, all of which offer some stylish models. Make it a point to search and compare prices at multiple shower stalls retailers and in time you will find an attractive shower stall model that really captures the interior design that you are looking to establish within your bathroom space.


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