Walk In Shower Stalls

Walk In Shower Stalls

Walk in shower stalls are currently a hot trend and many people prefer them over standard stalls. Although walk in shower stalls tend to take up a great deal of space, they add to a bathroom's overall design and comfort level. They also give people more privacy. If you want to install a walk in shower in your own bathroom, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tiled Designs

Granite tiles and ceramic tiles are the two most common choices for building walk in shower stalls. If an elegant, timeless look is what you are after, attach the tiles to the stall's wall and couple that with a glass enclosure in order to showcase the tiles. Although the luxury of tiled walk in stalls is appealing, keep in mind that tiling a large shower stall can be expensive. But if you have the money to burn, you can sinstall a bathtub inside the shower stall enclosure. If you decide to do this, remember that you will need a lot of space in order to fit a bathtub inside of your stall.

Doorless Designs

Doorless walk in shower stalls come with plenty of advantages. These types of showers are meant to utilize the available space in a bathroom while giving the user plenty of room inside of the stall. Most homeowners install doorless stalls when they lack the space for a larger stall. However, these shower stalls are quite simple to operate and do not require additional accessories and parts in order to install. They are also easy to keep clean because there is no door to maintain. But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of doorless walk in shower stalls is their ability to make a bathroom look larger than it actually is, which is why these stalls are standard features in countless high-end homes and five-star hotels.

Spa Designs

As you may have guessed from the classification of this shower stall design, walk in shower stalls are quite pricey. Even so, people are drawn to the spa design's multiple shower heads that are meant to massage and relax the user just as if they were in an actual spa. Popular colours for spa shower stalls are white, cream and other neutral tones. These colours, or a combination of them, give walk in shower stalls a clean, crisp appearance. Scented candles, river rocks and luxurious bath towels can complete the spa look.

Rustic Designs

If you desire a walk in shower stall but do not have a large budget with which to work, a rustic design is the perfect answer. Many people like to utilize the rustic design due to its inexpensiveness. When employing a rustic design for a walk in shower, it is important to stick to natural colours such as browns and greens. Copper is the ideal finish for your shower fixtures and beechwood can really make a walk in shower pop. By employing all of these design elements, your walk in shower stall will have the distinct look of a sauna room.

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