What Are Shower Stalls Used For

What Are Shower Stalls Used For

Shower stalls have been used for many years to provide people with a simple and effective way to keep clean. The earliest shower enclosures existed as far back as ancient Greek times, and since then shower stalls have undergone a considerable amount of design improvements to reach the modern shower unit seen today. Shower stalls are available within a broad range of styles and sizes, and sold across the world by multiple manufacturers. Learning more about the different types of shower stalls makes it easier for homeowners to select the right shower unit for their bathroom area.

Manufacturers of shower stalls

It is fairly easy to find a good shower stall these days, and they can be found at stores such as Home Depot all over Canada. Shower stalls can also be purchased from online retailers. Before selecting any specific shower unit, it is important to determine your shower space needs. Some people are comfortable with a basic frameless shower design with a curtain stretched over entrance space, while others prefer more stylized shower units featuring all kinds of accessories. Selecting the right one for you personally may depend on your current budget as well as the size specifications of your bathroom. Popular shower stall manufacturers include:

  • Kohler
  • Mirolin
  • Keystone
  • Altrek
  • Glass World

Understanding the design of shower stalls

Shower pans and edges are often made from acrylic vinyl or fibreglass. Both of these materials provide a considerable amount of durability and grip, making it easier to avoid slipping once inside the shower. Modern shower stalls often feature railings, towel hangers, and other storage sections where you can place shower foams, hair conditioners, shampoo, etc. Some shower stalls maintain fairly simple designs while others are very large and stylized. In general, the main types of shower stalls are:

  • Corner shower stalls
  • Neo-angle shower stalls
  • Central shower stalls
  • Shower/bathtub all-inclusive shower units
  • Frameless corner shower stalls
  • Framed shower stalls
  • Semi-circular shower stalls

With the broad range of shower stall types available for purchase, it should not be difficult for you to find an attractive prefabricated shower unit to install in your home. However, if you feel that the range of prefabricated shower stalls is somewhat limited, then you might want to consider contracting a home remodeler to help you find a custom design shower unit.

Maintaining shower stalls

Every now and then you might find it necessary to repair or replace your shower stalls. It is always a good idea to keep your shower stalls as clean and dry as possible, as this will help to prevent the growth of mold spores. Additionally, it is important the floor of your bathroom to be absolutely even, because a shower unit installed on an uneven surface could develop cracks. Good shower stalls can last for many years without requiring any significant repairs or maintenance, and this is another reason why it is important to take your time and find a good shower stall manufacturer. This might mean investing some extra money in a better designed shower stall unit.


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