Where To Buy Shower Stalls

Where To Buy Shower Stalls

For those who may have never had to replace or install a shower stall before, it can at first be difficult to pick out a proper manufacturer from which to purchase a new one. However, there are numerous manufacturers of shower stalls available and key research will make it easier for you to select an attractive, cost-friendly shower stall for your bathroom. Some popular shower stall favorites include neo-angle shower stalls, square-shower stalls, circular shower stalls, framed shower stalls, custom-designed corner shower enclosures, and many others.

Popular shower stalls manufacturers

Good manufacturers of shower stalls are not difficult to find. Local manufacturers in Canada are Glass World and Artrek, just to name a couple. A quick visit to Home Depot will provide you with several prospects from major manufacturers like Kohler, Mirolin, and Keystone. Each of these manufacturers offer many individual styles for their shower stall models, ranging from extraordinarily simple designs to stalls with a special degree of luxury. To pick the ideal shower stall, there are a variety of factors that you will need to keep in mind.

  • Remember to figure out your budget for shower stalls. If you are going to be building a completely new shower stall design, you will need to spend more money than if you are simply going to install a prefabricated shower stall. Either way, calculate the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your new shower stall before making any purchases.

  • Have a close look at the overall size of your bathroom and take measurements if necessary. While larger shower stalls are better at eliminating moisture collected via condensation, they might not fit the size of your bathroom adequately if it is very small.
  • Decide on the material that you want your shower pan to be made from. Popular materials include acrylic vinyl and fibreglass.
  • Pick out a design that appeals to you and reflects the same interior design that your other bathroom amenities are currently exhibiting. A shower stall that looks like it belongs in a plain bathroom might not be best suited to a heavily stylized interior bathroom space, and can be distracting to the overall visual appeal you have intended to create.
  • Compare prices between several or more shower stall manufacturers, to develop a good feel for price variations. This can help you to not only save money but also to find any special shower stall designs that you might not have noticed at one particular store.
  • Consider having a professional install your shower stall for you, even if it is a prefabricated model. Professionals are more likely to get the job done without making any mistakes, because that is their job in the first place.
  • If you have a desire for flamboyant shower designs, there are a lot of options out there. There is no reason to settle for a plain or ordinary looking shower stall unless you absolutely want to. Take your time, do your research, read reviews, and compare product catalogs to find a special shower stall that will fit your bathroom perfectly.


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