Who Invented Shower Stalls

Who Invented Shower Stalls

There is some dispute as to when and where the original walk in shower was invented, as there have been shower stall structures since ancient Greek and Roman times. The English Regency Shower itself was anonymously invented around 1810, and modern adaptations of shower stalls followed from these basic designs. Shower stalls have undergone a considerable amount of development in their design since these times, and there are currently a broad range of built in and prefabricated shower stalls that can be installed in home bathrooms.

Shower stall types

It can take time for homeowners to find and select a shower stall that is ideal for their bathroom areas. Many modern bathrooms are not equipped with pre-existing shower stalls, but there may still be ample space for a shower unit to be installed. If your bathroom as enough space to install a shower unit in the corner, then you have a number of options. Many homeowners choose to purchase prefabricated shower stalls because they are easy to install. On the other hand, homeowners who prefer to get creative with bathroom design might find it more appropriate to build a shower stall from the ground up with the help of a home remodeler.

Popular shower stall designs include:

  • Corner shower stalls
  • Circular shower stalls
  • Neo-angle shower stalls
  • Framed shower stalls
  • Frameless shower stalls

Buying the right shower stalls

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to the purchase of a brand new shower stall for home use. Many homeowners have found that framed shower enclosures with significant height and width are easier to clean and keep mold free than smaller showers. This is because condensation that is collected on these larger frames tends to drain eventually, while with smaller units the condensation remains for longer time periods, promoting an environment where mold could begin to grow.

Finding the right shower stall manufacturer is another problem that homeowners face. IT is important to find a shower stall design that will fit snugly into your corner, and this is particularly true of prefabricated shower stalls. If you are building a shower stall from scratch, then it is easier to tile and model your shower enclosure to fit the size specifications of your bathroom. However, it is also possible to purchase customized prefabricated shower units that will have a size matching the requirements of your bathroom area. Popular manufacturers of shower stalls in Canada include Altrek and Glassworld.

Shower stall maintenance

Shower stalls do require the occasional maintenance. If your built in shower was installed upon a floor with a slightly uneven surface, it is possible that cracks could develop in the shower pan. Maintenance in these situations would involve patching up these cracks to ensure that water does not leak. Shower stalls sold as part of a prefabricated kit generally do not suffer from these problems. Keeping shower stalls clean is fairly easy, but it is important to do so regularly so as to avoid the possible build up of mold.


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