Why Are Shower Stalls Used

Why Are Shower Stalls Used

Shower stalls have been used since early Greek times to provide a simple area to clean oneself without spreading water all over the bathroom area. Modern shower stalls are incredibly varied, with prefabricated shower stalls becoming more and more popular along traditional built in shower enclosures. There are shower designs built to fit the preferences of many different people, so homeowners should not have too much difficulty finding comfortable shower stall designs. However, there are a number of points to consider before making any shower stall purchases.

What you should know about shower stalls

There are two basic types of shower stalls available for homes: prefabricated shower kits, and built-in shower enclosures. Prefabricated kits are typically available from many manufacturers and sold at retailers like Home Depot. They can be installed fairly simply in different bathroom spaces as part of a DIY project or with the help of a professional. Most homeowners choosing to install prefabricated designs do so when an existing shower stall was not built into their bathrooms but there still exists enough space to install a shower unit. On the other hand, built-in shower stalls are usually the type that are already installed when the home was purchased.

Deciding on which type of shower stall to purchase is often a matter of preference, as there are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Prefabricated shower units were often considered to be inferior to the built-in type because there was not a lot of variety in shower kit designs. However, in recent years manufacturers have increased the style options for prefabricated shower designs and this has lead to an increase in popularity throughout the country. The major advantages to prefabricated shower kits is that they are very easy to install and are often a lot cheaper than building a shower unit from floor up.

With built-in shower units, however, the options for design are basically unlimited. If you have a specific shower design concept in mind, then you may want to consider hiring a home modeler to build this shower unit in your home. The resulting cost of installation, design, and materials often adds up, but the end result may be preferable to homeowners with sophisticated tastes in shower design.

Good manufacturers of shower stalls

Picking out the right manufacturer is often more important than selecting an attractive design. While it is important to have a shower stall that blends well into the interior decor of your bathroom, it is just as important to have a shower built with the right materials. The best shower stalls can easily last for many years without requiring maintenance or repair, while some cheaper shower stalls might look attractive while failing to provide the requisite functionality. Some good shower stall manufacturers to be on the lookout for include:

  • Keystone
  • Mirolin
  • Kohler

Final points on shower stalls

Homeowners looking to find the best shower stall possible should rely on their discernment as well as build up a basic knowledge of shower design through research. Once you know the key factors to look for in shower design, it will be easier to find a shower stall manufactured with top range quality and also as visually appealing as possible.


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